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What's the most haunted home in England?
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  1. Blickling Hall, in Norfolk, was one of the childhood homes of Anne Boleyn, the second of Henry VIII's wives, and some say she comes back every year on the anniversary of her beheading. King Henry desperately wanted a son. When his first wife failed to produce a living heir, he divorced her. He then married Anne Boleyn, but while she bore him a daughter (later to become Queen Elizabeth I), she, too, had no sons. Foiled yet again, Henry accused Anne of adultery in order to be able to divorce her as well, and Anne was sentenced to be beheaded. Ever since, she has returned on the 19th of May, the date of her death in 1536, to Blickling Hall, riding in a carriage driven by a headless horseman and carrying her own head under her arm. In 2007, the site of her haunting was declared the most haunted house in England.

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