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What are some of the most important things in life?
Answered by Kyle MacDonald
  • Kyle MacDonald

    Kyle MacDonald

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    Friends and family, first and foremost. My family is, by far, the most inspirational unit in my entire life. And being with them, going away, and coming back with new ideas and sharing that is, by far, where I get most of my inspiration and a lot of ideas from. Past that, material things, like anybody else, I've got a bunch of stuff. But I'm really passionate about doing, not having, and that's not minimalism. It's just so much better to do things and experience things while we're here in life than have things.

    And creating things like infrastructure is a bit of a different idea. But having a collection of things, that's great, but is it providing joy to others or yourself? That's sort of what the value is. It's the idea that you're creating an emotion or a – you're actually creating goodwill. Just brash having, I don't think there's any value in that just by itself. It's all about what it does for you and others and how it affects the world around you.

    Doing good's a funny thing because a lot of people's version of doing good is actually doing bad to other people. I think what you believe in doing good and you're passionate about is definitely experience-based more than material-based. And I think the good feeling or emotions or realities or standards of living that come out of that are what's important.

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