What modern products use nanotechnology?
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  1. Many common products on the market today already make use of nanotechnology:

    • Sun screen -- By using nanoparticles of zinc oxide instead of bulk particles, the cream becomes more transparent.
    • Self-cleaning glass -- A product called Pilkington Activ glass incorporates nanoparticles to keep the glass clear of debris. Upon contact with the sun's rays, the nanoparticles break down unwanted organic particles that have accumulated on the glass. Rain then washes the remains away.
    • Clothing -- By coating fabrics with nanoparticles of zinc oxide, clothing can offer protection from UV radiation or stains.
    • Scratch-resistant coating -- By adding aluminum silicate nanoparticles to the coating, scratch-resistant surfaces become even more effective.
    • Antimicrobial bandages -- By using nanoparticles of silver in bandages, harmful cells are destroyed.
    • Swimming pool disinfectants -- By using nano-sized drops of oil along with bactericide to disinfect pools, the cleaning is more effective.

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