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Why are the numbers of great white sharks increasing?
Answered by John O'Sullivan
  • John O'Sullivan

    John O'Sullivan

  1. John O'Sullivan Curator of Field Operations, Monterey Bay Aquarium


    What we've seen in the last 10 years of our research is that the threats facing white sharks along the eastern Pacific of California and Mexico are the young and small sharks that get entangled in the near-shore nets. Once the sharks get large, they're probably either avoiding those areas or blowing through them -- wider pound-test gear that would catch a halibut or a white sea bass.

    With this near-shore fishery, the management is much better than it is in the offshore region. Our sister program that's studying the adults has seen adult sharks coming back to regions for over 20 years. That's got to tell you that where they're going out into the Pacific, where potentially there's no real threats, or you wouldn't be seeing these long-term photo identification records back.

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