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What are some medicinal uses of the orange?
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  1. The sweet orange first began to appear in the Mediterranean during the Crusades, when it was first brought in from Asia. In 13th century England, the fruit was considered to be a luxury item that was handed out as an extravagant Christmas gift. Today, Spain, Sicily, the United States and Israel are the world’s leading orange producers. Each of these country’s oranges have different characteristics, but all contain minerals, flavonoids and essential vitamins. One negative side effect of consuming too many oranges is an increase in lung congestion.

    The orange is famous for its touted ability to lower blood pressure and affect moods. It also has been used in combination with traditional medicine as a way to treat an irregular heartbeat. One study said that you can lower your anxiety level just by peeling an orange and sniffing it. Aromatherapists say that the sweet orange can help fight colds and the flu. Oranges can also treat an oily complexion. It’s important to remember, however, that because oranges are slightly photosensitizing, they can burn your skin. If you want to add a splash of orange to your next bath, do so very sparingly.

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