How did the concept of time originate?
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  1. According to Webster's New World College Dictionary, time is defined as 1) a period or interval; 2) the period between two events or during which something exists, happens or acts; or 3) a measured or measurable interval. We can't see, touch, smell or hear time, but we know it's there. Some of the ways that people have found to measure time make sense, and some are arbitrary. For example, a day is a period of sunlight, then a period of darkness. We go to sleep each night and wake up in the morning to a new day, so regardless of how primitive it is, every culture has the concept of a day. The idea of a week comes directly from the Bible. Clocks are used to divide the day into smaller sections (hours, minutes and seconds), and calendars are used to combine days into larger groups called months.

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