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Did Otis T. Carr invent a spacecraft?
Answered by Discovery Channel
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  1. Otis T. Carr, who claimed that electricity genius Nikola Tesla confided secrets to him, founded a company called OTC Enterprises in the 1950s. He set out to build a saucer-shaped, "fourth-dimensional" spacecraft called the OTC-X1 that would fly to the moon, powered by an "Utron Electric Accumulator." Carr and his business manager, Norman Colton, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this dubious promise from investors and from people who believed in UFOs and contacts with otherworldly beings. On the day of the maiden flight, a crowd gathered in Oklahoma City to watch the OTC-X1 take off, but Carr suddenly, conveniently, took ill and was hospitalized. Alas, the craft never did fly to the moon, or any place else. Carr later went to jail for illegally selling stocks, and died a pauper in a Pittsburgh slum. Colton went on to sell stock in machines operated by "environmental gravitic forces" through his Millennium Agency. Those machines never flew either.

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