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What are some of Pluto's outstanding features?
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  1. Pluto is a super small celestial body -- so small in fact, that it's no longer considered an actual planet. It's now considered a "dwarf planet." So how small is it? It has a diameter of around 1,400 miles (2,300 kilometers), which is around one-fifth of the Earths diameter. Because of its distance from the sun, Pluto is the extremely cold and dark, with average temperatures ranging from -274 degrees Fahrenheit down to -391 degrees Fahrenheit (-170 degrees Celsius down to -235 degrees Celsius). Due to Plutos great distance from the sun, it takes 247.7 Earth years to make a complete orbit around the sun, and if humans would ever land on Pluto, the sun would appear to them as just another star. Pluto consists of rock and ice, and it possesses one moon, named Charon. Although Pluto has yet to be honored by a spacecrafts visit, by 2015, NASAs New Horizon spacecraft is due to arrive.

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