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What are some possible future treatment options for PTSD?
Answered by Science Channel
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  1. Ongoing research promises potential treatment options for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD):

    • Neurochemical treatment:
      • Stathmin: Experiments show that lower levels of this chemical in the brain help disassociate fear from memories [source: NIMH].
      • Gastrin-releasing peptide: Research shows that deficient levels of this chemical lead to forming stronger fear memories.
      • Neuropeptide Y: Increasing the levels of this anti-anxiety chemical, which occurs naturally in the brain, can help prevent PTSD.
    • Internet: Counseling over the Internet or by phone to reach a wider audience would be very useful in times of large-scale disasters.
    • Battlemind: Researchers are working on an "inoculation " for soldiers, by emphasizing social interdependency and open communication.
    • Virtual reality: Exposure therapy using virtual reality is showing positive results.


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