What do you look for in young leaders?
Answered by Yossi Vardi
  • Yossi Vardi

    Yossi Vardi

  1. Yossi Vardi High-Tech Entrepreneur

    First of all, when I approach them, they are not leaders yet. They are motivated individuals with a quest to go and achieve things with a fire in their belly. Number one, I look for talent. I think talent is crucial. If you have to prioritize, then talent is number one. Number two, I want these young people to have good virtues, because life is too short. And good virtues is a very good compass in business and in other ways, and it saves you a lot of agony and a lot of problems. Number three, you definitely need them to be motivated. They have to have this desire to go and accomplish things and to do things. And in my own ethnic background, if they don't have it, their mothers will see that they will have it. Then, I want them – the people I'm working with – I want them to be nimble, because I usually go and do the very early investment in the very beginning of the food chain, and you need them to be nimble, otherwise they will not be able to carry the load. I guess these are the four important things.

    And then, let's not forget what Napoleon said. He said that he wants his generals to have 10 percent talent and 90 percent luck, and if he has to change the balance, he may increase the percentage of luck – so if they have luck it can also help. But we have to remember that if Fortuna, the Goddess of Luck, is knocking on your door and you are in the men's room, it's not going to help you. In order to get luck, you have to go and search for luck. And you won't have to work very hard to get luck. So these, I guess, are the five things that I'm looking at in young entrepreneurs.

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