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Is it too late to save the world from global warming?
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  1. Certain effects of global warming may be irreversible in the short term (approximately the next 1,000 years). For example, some scientists suggest that no matter how much we cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, Arctic ice will continue to melt faster than it can replenish itself. Similarly, the amount of carbon dioxide in our air isn't going anywhere soon and is intensifying the heat of the Earth, causing droughts and rising water levels, which in turn can result in the extinction of many species. Nevertheless, most scientists who hold the view that we can't reverse global warming continue to advocate environmental awareness and programs. That way, at the very least, we can try to halt global warming effects to stabilize the Earth's atmosphere in the future.

    One way to save the world is to accept the science behind global warming and climate change. Scientists from a number of government agencies and independent panels have determined that the science behind climate change is "unequivocal" and mostly the result of human behaviors [source: The Project on Climate Science]. Still, there are detractors.

    Another way to save the world from global warming is for people to change their behaviors individually and collectively. Doing so is not easy and may be one of the reasons behind limited acceptance of global warming facts in some circles. It's also about policy and economics. Changing policies on how we handle carbon emissions affects some companies' bottom limes.

    It's also not possible to blame any single factor, person or industry. For example, we blame most of our greenhouse gases on vehicle and industrial plant emissions. Meanwhile, livestock walks off free -- well, for a short while, anyway. Methane gas from cattle is 20 times more efficient at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide from cars [source: Wall]. There are plenty of industries, behaviors and blame to go around. The solution comes from action.

    Many companies, governments and people are taking action to curb the effects of global warming. Examples are recycling, sustainable policies and practices and even global efforts such as the Kyoto Protocol. Still, much work remains to halt global warming before it does more damage.

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