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Why don't skeptics believe in ESP?
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  1. Many people believe that extrasensory perception, or ESP, is too extraordinary and therefore cannot possibly exist. They explain precognition (seeing future events) as highly possible given the number or people and potential experiences that occur every day. They also highlight the number of events that don't take place. Skeptics point out that some people might simply be more attuned to subtle nuances than others, influencing their perceptions and instincts about the world around them. Skeptics also believe that positive lab results from parapsychologists occur because of problems with the experiments or bad science. An inability to reproduce results from these experiments adds fuel to the skeptics' debate. In general, ESP skeptics believe that paranormal experiences can be explained according to natural physics and the laws of nature. However, ESP believers contest that psychic phenomena still may exist even if we can't explain them scientifically.

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