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Who are Star People?
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  1. Star people are aliens here on Earth. Brad Steiger, who chronicles UFO "contactees," says there are four different categories of Star People: Utopians, Refugees, Energy Essences and reincarnated E.T.s. He believes Star People are here on Earth to help prepare it for the changes that will take place after the worldwide disasters that will precede mass landings by otherworldly beings. Some of these people were here from birth and others "walked in," or their souls transferred into human beings in their later years [source: Channel of the Masters].

    To underscore his point, Steiger predicted worldwide famine and a pole shift in 1982, a third world war in the mid-1980s and a 1989 Armageddon in his book, "The Star People," which he co-authored with his wife Sherry Hansen Steiger. The authors say that Star People tend to be physically attractive, require little sleep, have magnetic personalities, hear extremely well, work in teaching or healing professions and suspect that this world is not their home. They also tend to have compelling eyes, sharp hearing, body temperatures below normal and are extremely sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields.

    It's estimated by Steiger that most (about 65 percent) Star People are women and that about one-fourth of them have unusual blood types. They also have low blood pressure, are sensitive to high humidity and do not deal well with their emotions -- or those of others. In surveys with people thought to be Star People, Steiger also reports that about half have had near-death experiences and are convinced they have a spirit guide or guardian angel. Nearly three-fourths report out-of-body experiences and nearly all of them say they feel tremendous urgency to fulfill a mission [source: I Am University].

    The Steigers consider the "strangers in a strange land" that are Star People to be the helpers here on Earth and continue to ask interested people (aliens?) to complete questionnaires that can help categorize the characteristics and experiences of Star People. For example, the Steigers report that a startling 86 percent of Star People claim they have had contact with an other-worldly or other-dimensional being [source:].

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