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Does modern TV have a negative effect on American youth?
Answered by Sheila C. Johnson
  • Sheila C. Johnson

    Sheila C. Johnson

  1. Sheila C. Johnson CEO, Salamander Hotels & Resorts President and Managing Partner of the Washington Mystics


    It really concerns me. I'm very worried about reality TV. Again, what's being portrayed on reality TV is not the way people should behave. I'm going to be very honest with you: It just irritates me when I see this. If I see my children mimicking any of this, their heads will be on the other side of the -- I'm scared about it, and I'm just wondering, where are we going to go once they get bored with reality TV? It's like voyeurism, watching a train wreck happen, and we're getting more, and more, and more of this on television. If you look at the numbers, the ratings on the reality TV shows are way up. If you look at the Meet the Press and everything, they're almost non-existent.

    It's that kind of thing that's scary, and I'll tell you where it even gets scarier. I travel a lot around the world and I meet with other young people, say in Africa or in Europe. Their knowledge base is so much deeper than our American children. They are so far ahead of us, intellectually -- our children, intellectually. They're much more mature. They're able to look at the global world and assess the issues that are out there. I look at them. I hope my kids are getting there. We talk about issues all the time, but it's very frightening when you want to measure out American kids versus globally what is going on. We're falling so far behind, and I really mean so far behind.

    I think there's something wrong in this country on the education system. We are so test score-oriented. Now you're going to get me on a big soapbox.

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