Where does the United States stand on education at this point?
Answered by C. Richard Allen
  • C. Richard Allen

    C. Richard Allen

  1. C. Richard Allen SnagFilms, CEO


    [Education is] something that I've spent my whole life in. My mother was a teacher. My grandfather was a dean of journalism. So it's kind of been in our family, on both sides of the family, now, for a long time. It's a desperate situation, certainly, for public education. There are many great films, including "Waiting for Superman," which came out this past year, that focus on how difficult it is to make a positive impact in public education.

    I think the challenges of private education, having served on the Alumni Council for my alma mater for Dartmouth -- [there are] tremendous challenges even in the elite universities. We're lucky enough at Dartmouth to have a brilliant, young president -- Jim Kim -- who is doing a fantastic job trying to not only make college still accessible for all highly qualified individuals but also to integrate that experience and that education with the broader world.

    But these are really, really tough challenges. Again, in a tough budgetary environment, one hopes that the painful choices of cuts help you eliminate that which is not efficient. But that's not generally the case when budgets are cut back in a public context.

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