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What are some important considerations in transporting livestock?
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  1. When transporting livestock, it is important to follow safety precautions not only to abide by governing laws but also to make the process more humane.

    The trailer or truck should comfortably accommodate the animals without crowding or cramping. It should be well-ventilated to prevent them from suffocating or becoming overheated. In addition, there should be vents at floor level to ventilate ammonia-laden fumes from urine. The floor of the trailer should be a nonslip surface to prevent injuries. For certain livestock, it may be necessary to partition the area and pad the inner walls of the truck.

    It is important to prepare adequately for weather conditions during transportation. Farm animals are vulnerable to extreme temperatures and need to be protected against rain and wind chill.

    How Transport Livestock 2
    This bright red beauty is an example of a typical livestock trailer. (

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