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What are composite materials?
Answered by Patrick Pattamanuch
  • Patrick Pattamanuch

    Patrick Pattamanuch

  1. Patrick Pattamanuch Materials and Processes Engineer, Boeing Satellite Systems
    Composites are engineering materials that contain two or more constituent materials that have very different physical properties.  When combined the constituent materials give the end product — the composite — a combination of properties.  Carbon-fiber composites are a good example.  They are made up of carbon fibers that are impregnated with a hardened resin, such as epoxy.  The carbon fibers are very stiff and strong, but brittle.  The epoxy resin is relatively soft, but can flex and is not brittle.  A carbon-fiber composite combines some of the strength and stiffness of the carbon fibers with the resilience of the epoxy resin.

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