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What is curiosity?
Answered by Robert B. Gagosian, Tiffany Shlain and 128 others
  • Robert B. Gagosian

    Robert B. Gagosian

  • Tiffany Shlain

    Tiffany Shlain

  • Dr. Astro Teller

    Dr. Astro Teller

  • Elie Wiesel

    Elie Wiesel

  • Jill Tarter

    Jill Tarter

  • Dr. Michio Kaku

    Dr. Michio Kaku

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    Dr. Dean Ornish

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    Andrew Weil M.D.

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    Martha Stewart

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    Deepak Chopra MD

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    Dr. Mehmet Oz

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    Dean Kamen

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    Michael Dell

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    Sir Richard Branson

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    C. Richard Allen

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    Bill and Nicolette Hahn Niman

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    Charles Yang

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    John Maeda

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    Dr. John Hamre

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    Craig Mundie

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    Ted Leonsis

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    David M. Schwarz

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    Alexander Tsiaras

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    Jeffrey Koseff

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    Jack Leslie

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    Richard Saul Wurman

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    Michael A. Keller

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    Tom Rosenstiel

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    Eric Dishman

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    Daniel Dubno

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    Yossi Vardi

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    Gaspar Mora

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    Lama Nachman

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    John Sculley

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    John Hendricks

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    Aubrey de Grey

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    Jaron Lanier

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    W. Daniel Hillis

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    John Seely Brown

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    Stephen Tobolowsky

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    Madoo Varma

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    Hilda Huang

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    Ling Liao

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    Mario Paniccia

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    Jean Oelwang

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    Dr. Calvin O. Butts III

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    Ralph Osterhout

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    Hugh Panero

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    Patrick Pattamanuch

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    Keri L. Heitner PhD

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    Bradford E. Beckwith PhD

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    Helen Marie Mahoney OBGYN

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    Annabelle Pratt

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    Timothy E. Wirth

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    Yi Wu

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    Beppe Raffa

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    Tom Colicchio

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    Jason Howard

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    Eric Mantion

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    John L. Hennessy

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    Wayne Pacelle

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    Nina Tandon

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    Dr. Francine Patterson

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    Waleed Abdalati

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    Alan Kay

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    Jim St. Leger

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    Sylvia Earle

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    Jake Shimabukuro

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    Christopher J. Ferguson

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    Rob Wrubel

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    Thomas Keller

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    iO Tillett Wright

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    Sheila C. Johnson

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    Alex Sandy Pentland

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    David Chang

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    Richard M. Satava

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    Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio

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    Benjamin and Rosamund Zander

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    Professor Joseph M. DeSimone

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    Yoav Medan PhD

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    Megan Smith

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    Alexa Meade

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    Philip Rosedale

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    Anthony Atala MD

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    Professor Robert M. Metcalfe

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    Steve Case

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    Leonard Kleinrock

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    Charles F. Bolden Jr.

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    Dr. Lisa Prato

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    Dr. Gerard van Belle

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    Vanessa Woods

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    Bernadette Lucas

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    Ron Gdovic PhD

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    Dr. Jeff Hall

  • Curiosity


  1. Robert B. Gagosian President & CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership


    I would suggest that curiosity is thinking beyond what you normally think about. For instance, you are climbing a mountain and you see a ridge. Curiosity to me is, what is beyond that ridge and how am I going to get to it? And what does it look like? And is it going to be something that is going to be scary? Is it going to be something interesting? I know it will be exciting. So I guess curiosity to me is excitement beyond my thought process

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  2. Tiffany Shlain Filmmaker & Founder, The Webby Awards


    Curiosity to me is simply asking a question. It's moving around the world, challenging preconceived notions and questioning why we do something the way we do. It's questioning why we react a certain way. I think one of my favorite things about the human species is that we're constantly trying to figure ourselves out. And I love the idea of neurosurgery and neuroscience, looking at a brain and trying to understand it.

    I'm also Jewish, and a tenet of Judaism is to always question something. So I think that's very much a part of my upbringing. But just as a filmmaker and as someone who exists in the world, I think my viewpoint is to be curious. My parents both instilled that in me, and certainly my husband and my children instill that in me, because they have the most beautiful sense of curiosity. And I think the secret to staying vital in this world is to always have that lens.

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  3. Dr. Astro Teller Director of New Projects, Google


    That’s a very good question; and while  I am not sure this is the dictionary definition, curiosity, for me, is the feeling of being bugged.  I think of it like science, but it is much broader than a science.  As a scientist, to think of it as the essence of science, to say, "That's odd." So the way I approach the world is I have models. I have models of all the people who I interact with; I have models for how gravity works and how computers work.

    I think I understand things, and of course I strive for a perfect understanding [of things], so I am constantly surprised. What I love and what I think of as curiosity is the moment where the world gives me a piece of data -- I see something, I hear about something, and it doesn't fit the model that I have for the world, and occasionally, the data was mistaken, but usually the right answer is I need to adjust my models.  That's the learning moment.

    If you don't have curiosity, then you won't go do that learning, and you won't be bothered that your model is broken -- that is what I think curiosity is. It is the desire to iterate your model of the world.

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  4. Elie Wiesel Nobel Peace Laureate, Boston University Professor


    Curiosity can be very good or very bad. It depends what you do with it and for what reason. You cannot live without curiosity, without anticipation, without interrogation. On the other hand, if you use curiosity just for silly things – it can happen – then why go on?

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  5. Jill Tarter Director, Center for SETI Research, SETI Institute


    Curiosity is trying to find answers to the whys that we've asked and continue to ask. It's never having to grow up. It's being a child and trying to discover and figure it out.

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  6. Dr. Michio Kaku Theoretical Physicist and Author


    Science is the engine of prosperity, but the rocket fuel that drives this engine that powers it up is curiosity. Curiosity is what makes a scientist tick. You ask a scientist, "Why are you doing this? Why are you looking at the question of the universe, and what is the smallest ingredient of matter?" It's curiosity that drives us.

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  7. Dr. Dean Ornish Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute


    Hmm, that's a curious question. Curiosity to me, at least, is the desire to find out what's happening? Why? For what reason? What the implications are. I'm a curious person by nature. That's why I do the work that I do.

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  8. Andrew Weil M.D. Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Integrative Medicine Thought-Leader


    I think it is being attracted to something in your experience that really captures your attention and invites explanation.

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