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What are the two theories about the origin of early humans?
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  1. Science concedes that primitive hominids were the predecessors to early humans. The continuity theory or multiregionalism says that apes evolved into man in not one but a few regions around the world, occurring after Homo erectus had gone to each of those regions. Asiatic, African and European peoples would have a degree of genetic continuity with this theory, since each evolved independent of the others into Homo sapiens.

    The other theory is known as the "out of Africa" or replacement theory. It says that humans first existed in Africa. While hominids were in Africa and went to Europe and Asia, only the ones still in Africa became Homo sapiens.

    Africa Cradle Humanity 2
    A Masai warrior surveys the landscape of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, one of the oldest areas of human occupation. (Joe Sohm/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

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