What is the 80/20 law?
Answered by Rob Wrubel
  • Rob Wrubel

    Rob Wrubel

  1. Rob Wrubel Chief Marketing & Product Development Officer, Apollo Group


    Well, the 80/20 law is that we may believe that we all have a unique set of questions and interests, but on any given day and any given hour, almost 80 percent of our questions and things we're worried about, interested in learning about -- whether it's purchasing a car or how to fix my relationship with my boss -- 20 percent of those questions are being asked by 80 percent of the people at any given time. We're more alike in many ways than we ever believe. And if you can understand that, you can do a lot with that to help make information systems more intelligent and give people the sense that I'm getting what I'm looking for on the Internet or an information environment. So that's what I always think of as the 80/20 law.

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