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Where did the most snow fall in one North American snowstorm?
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  1. In Mount Shasta, Calif., in 1959, the largest snowfall from one North American storm -- 189 inches (4.8 meters) -- was recorded at the Mount Shasta Ski Bowl. Some would later say that the "Storm of the Century" in 1993 was bigger, because more snow fell, but over a larger area -- touching parts of 26 states. Still, Mount Shasta holds the record for the most white stuff from one storm in one area.

    Amazingly, most of the snow fell in unpopulated areas, and many residents of the nearby towns Weed and Mount Shasta City were unaware that a record had been broken by the nearly 16 feet (5 meters) of snow that had accumulated.

    The mountain terrain where all of this snow touched down is no mere bump on the landscape. Mount Shasta is 14,162 feet (4,317 meters) high and is the second-tallest volcano (it hasn't erupted in more than 200 years, though it's still termed an "active" volcano) in the continental United States. Despite its sheer enormity, it has lots of well-known climbing routes, so it's not considered off-limits to beginning mountain climbers. It has five glaciers and has plentiful snow all year, so the area was a fitting location for such a record snowfall [source: Siskiyou County].

    For residents in a stretch of several hundred miles between northern California and southern Oregon, Mount Shasta provides a majestic view on the horizon. Glancing up toward its snow line each day, it must be easy for residents to overlook just how powerful Mother Nature can be when she wants to whip up a blizzard. (By its name alone, you probably have a good idea what a snow line is. If you've ever seen a permanently snow-capped mountain, then you've seen the snow line. Above it, there's permanent snow, and below it, there isn't.)

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