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Which was the largest and most dangerous of all dinosaurs?
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  1. The Tyrannosaurus rex was the king of dinosaurs. Its name means tyrant lizard king, and the famous T. rex was the largest of all tyrannosaurids - the carnivorous dinosaurs that lived during the late Cretaceous Period (145 to 65 million years ago). The T. rex had massive jaws with serrated teeth, and scientists believe it was able to run up to about 22 mph (35 kph), which would have allowed it to overtake most plant-eating dinosaurs to attack them. Based on the fossil remains of the plant-eating dinosaur Triceratops, which lived during the same period as the T. rex, paleontologists estimate that the bite of a T. rex could exert a whopping 3, 015 pounds (1,368 kilograms) of force. It is widely believed that these dinosaurs fought one another for territory or females, and possibly even preyed upon each other.

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