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Why was Sir Thomas More beheaded by Henry VIII?
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  1. Sir Thomas Moore was an English humanist, lawyer, statesman, historian and philosopher. His book, "Utopia," on the principles of humanism, is still taught today. He was also a devout Catholic at a time when Catholicism was in disfavor with Henry VIII, who was trying mightily to circumvent Church doctrine and secure a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. Though an advisor of Henry's, Moore held to his Catholic faith while trying to do his duty to Henry as best he could. Ultimately, though, Moore was called upon to take the oath, swearing that the king was the head of the Church of England. Moore refused, because he would not, in effect, stand against the Pope. Imprisoned in the Tower of London, Moore was found guilty of treason and beheaded with Bishop John Fisher in 1535. Sir Thomas Moore was made a saint in 1935.

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