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Are younger generations naturally more comfortable with technology?
Answered by Paul Schmitz
  • Paul Schmitz

    Paul Schmitz

  1. Paul Schmitz Senior Technology Strategist, Intel Labs


    It's a generational issue. This generation is more exposed to technology than ever before. I'm old enough to remember 8-track tapes. I remember when it went to cassette. I remember when it went to CDs. now we're at mp3s, plus you can share that music. Cell phones are another great example. My first phone was a bag phone; it was this big. Now it's this big, and it's more powerful than ever before. My son, as an example, has always been exposed to it. It's not new to him. Maybe if I do the analogy of my parents: When we got our first computer, it scared them half to death, but I was right at home with it. I taught my parents how to use a computer.

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